Friday, September 18, 2009

Embrace the Chaos

How can Christians respond to a world that is changing so quickly and in so many different areas—political, economic, technological, and social? Suggestions already given have been: to take comfort in God’s unchanging nature, keep a positive attitude, and learn from the change.

Here’s one final suggestion based on a biblical principle—when faced with change, stay flexible! Don’t just tolerate the chaos, embrace it. Pastor Rick Warren gives this example. “Before glass bottles were invented, wine was kept in canteens made of animal skins. As they aged, they would become brittle and crack from new wine that was still fermenting.

Jesus once said, “You can’t put new wine in old wineskins.” (Luke 5:37-39) Here was his point: When faced with change, we must adjust or we’ll explode! Pray, “Dear God, help me be more flexible this week.”

Daily Prayer Focus

Sept. 19 - Pastors
Sept. 20 - Sunday School Teachers
Sept. 21 - Samaritan Center
Sept. 22 - Worship Ministry Team

Sept. 23 - Shoebox Ministry
Sept. 24 - Public Safety Officers
Sept. 25 - Women’s Event
Sept. 26 - FUMC Church Staff

Prayer Requests
- Women's Prayer, Praise & Worship - 9/25
- Harry Heaton
- Joe Himes
- Churches in transition
- People in transition

- People responding to God's call to serve and to lead
- A pastor realizing the needed emphasis on prayer
- A new believer
- New bible study groups

By Marian Monk

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