Monday, October 18, 2010

The Impact of Your Prayers

Do you ever wonder if prayer really works?  You're praying about something and Satan whispers to you, "This is a waste of time."  The only way to refute that lie is with the truth of scripture which says,
"God hears us whenever we ask Him and we know also that He gives us what we ask from Him." (1 John 5:15, GNT)

Prayer can do whatever God can do. His resources are available to you.  Twenty times in the New Testament it says "Ask."  It's encouraging to know that things that are out of my control are not out of God's control. So, you are probably thinking, "Then, why don't I get everything I pray for?"  Good question.  Here are three reasons:

1) God is not a genie. You don't put in a prayer, rub a lamp, and out pops whatever you want. If every prayer were answered that way, we would be spoiled brats. Do you give your children everything they ask for? I hope not. You know what's best for them. You can see the bigger picture. If you can see the bigger picture for your kids, how much bigger is the picture God can see?

2) Sometimes Christians pray in conflict.  You get two Christians praying for opposite outcomes, and whose request is God going to answer? First, He needs to bring about some changes in our hearts and our fellowship.

3) God knows what's best and you don't. I think this is the biggest reason for not getting all our prayers answered exactly how and when we want them to be. 1 John 5:14 tells us, "We are sure that He (God) hears us if we ask Him for anything that's according to His will." (GNT) The attitude of your prayer needs to be: "Lord, this is my prayer request, but Your will be done." That's the way that Jesus prayed when He was facing the cross. ~ taken from Rick Warren and the Purpose Driven Connection

Your prayers have the potential to unlock all of God's power in response when you are praying in His will. Spend some time in prayer, today! He is waiting to answer.

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